Tuesday, December 9

holiday open house party

Just a reminder that Bike Masters is having a holiday open house on Friday, Dec 12, 530-800PM.
We want to thank you for shopping here, and offer you some special benefits.
1. Free gift for all attendees.
2. Free money deal gift cards... we add 10% free money to your gift card purchase.
3. Winter overhaul special is going on now.
Bike Masters

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dale said...

There will be free gifts for you if you buy a Free Money Gift card. Some of the gifts will be limited in availability, so check out the gift array to make sure you can get the one you want.

In addition, Dan and Kendra are doing a special drawing for an extra free gift. You have to attend and sign the guest book to qualify.

Lots of great food for you too.

Dave and Lynne will be wearing the classic elf hats!!!

Bike Masters