Saturday, August 9

2015 Fall Century Oct 11

The ride will be on a Saturday, so the shop will be open all day to meet our needs as we come and go.

The Fall Century will be a 50/50 format. We will start at Bike Masters and ride to Fremont and back using the traditional route. Upon returning, you will be able adjust your wardrobe, resupply your nutrition, etc. We will then ride to Two Rivers and back using the traditional route. After the ride you will be welcome to hang out and socialize and recover.
I am scheduled to devote the whole day to riding with you and enjoying the day, so it works out great for me, too.

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dale said...

Arrival and sign up 8-830AM. We want to get a count and a list of everyone so we can make sure that everyone finishes, so please come early enough to sign in.

It is usually one of our biggest rides of the year, and we will be in and out all day on a Saturday, so PLEASE park your car in the neighborhood North of Fort St.

Bike Masters will have complimentary coffee, water, bananas and maybe a few other goodies for you. The store will be open if you need to purchase any additional supplies. You may stash an equipment bag at Bike Masters and have access to it as you come and go on the ride loops.
Thanks, Dave