Saturday, August 3

Been hearing more creaking noises - seat and crank area. Monday at Manawa had heard a lot more noise. Grabbed crank and had lateral movement, tightened down the preload but still noisy. Rode two laps anyway figuring I was ruining my bb.

Looked at it Tuesday night after work. He is what I found:

Mr. Whirley requires 5 bolts to hold an inner ring to which the chainring is bolted to. One of the two remaining bolts came off with just a touch so only one bolt was holding this inner ring on. I was only checking chainring bolts, not inner ring.

Also found my seat most of the way back on rails. I needed to tighten down the two seat post bolts more.

Seems I have to relearn this every couple years: Hunt down the creaks and noises. Something is crying out for attention before it breaks.

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