Tuesday, March 12

mnr snow endo

Got a text at work about Chris and Mike riding fat bikes at Tranquility last night (Monday). I didn't get out there till after 7 but happen to run into them as they were entering the NW treeline.

My first snow ride of the year at Tranquility, I believe. First MNR there since before Christmas. The snow was rideable but challenging. Following Chris' fat track made it easier. Glad to get out in it before it melts away.

Stopped for a beer at Paul's before riding home through Standing Bear Lake. Surprised that the trail was not plowed but it was still rideable, mostly 2-3 inches deep with clear snow to avoid the footprints. There was one snowdrift about a foot deep just before the boat launch parking lot. I sped up to bust through it but didn't have my weight back far enough, thus producing a soft landing snow endo.

The pic is looking back east from where I came from and doesn't really detail much.

Good time getting out to breath hard and ride with friends in the snow.

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