Thursday, February 21

snow ride to/from work

First snow ride to/from work this year. Left home about 4 pm through about 3" of snow. Returned home after 8pm with about 5". Took neighborhood streets through Standing Bear Lake.

On first attempt, after going about 3 blocks, I turned around and found my rain jacket and two garbage bags in leu of my rain pants. Had to keep my head down and hat tight to limit snow into eyes.

Return was mostly with the wind but the 5" of snow was about all I wanted to pedal through. Had to stand up a couple times to power through snow, especially at SE entrance to SBL.

Forgot my light was on lowest setting when I took this picture:

Quads were tired when I got home and stiffened up while sitting in recliner. Nice to ride snow before trail is plowed or roughed up with shoe prints.

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