Sunday, July 8

Two THOR Monday Night Rides

Tranquility Park - roll from kiosk, 124th and Fort Sts, at 6:05.
Manawa State Park - roll from kiosk at MO River boat launch at 6:30.

I have been fortunate to have my last three rides at three different trails - Tranquility, Calvin Crest, and Platte. Monday I hope to continue the pattern with Manawa. Because of time constraints and ease, I usually ride Tranquility. Riding other trails reminds me how fun each one is, and how each has its own character. Ride them, you'll like them.

Enjoy the ride!

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Stratomatic said...

We had 5 riders at this weeks MNR @ Tranquility. It was much cooler than the previous MNR. Three of us rode a nice easy pace while the other two raced on ahead. We regrouped at the usual places. Nice ride!
Looking forward to hearing about Manawa.