Tuesday, January 10

MNR Report - Jan. 09, 2012

In future winter seasons we'll be talking about Monday Night Rides taking place in January 2012 where the conditions were so great. Last night the trail was nice and firm. The temprature was comforatble and the moon was so bright Steve D. turned his light off. There was a decent turnout for last nights ride. Patrick was the newcomer last night but his riding was fast and sure didn't reflect any newness.
Greg was demoing a Giant Anthem and enjoying the full squishyness of it.

We avoided the old trail close to the north creek because it's not drying out like the rest of the trail. We used the trail that goes by the kiosk to get to and from the new trails on the far north side. It was great to ride with the Daves (P. and N.) Eric, Greg, Mike, Pat, Steve and Cody. Many of the worlds problems were solved in my garage after the ride. We didn't write anything down so we'll have to solve those problems again next week. :-) -Paul

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dale said...

Great that you all got out to ride in the warm night weather and full moon. I missed being there and solving the world's problems too!