Monday, November 21

monday mtb ride at tranquility - 11.21

Rode to church yesterday morning in 20 degree temps to stay current with weather and test how many layers were needed. Half hour ride with tailwind and sun, 3 layers - had to slow down and unzip wind shell because was overheating core, though my 2 layer gloves still had my fingers getting cold.

Tonight's ride should be in 30's but without sun, so probably about the same - warm base layer and external garment. Ride to stay warm but slow down if sweating.

Roll from kiosk at 124th and Fort about 6:05. Ride a lap or so. If we're cold, can always cut ride short.

We need to keep riding to have the body and mind adapt to weather, otherwise it's 4-5 months of indoor stuff.

Let's enjoy the ride!

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dale said...

Another great night ride, temps mid 30's without wind. Best sub 40 ride I've had for staying comfortable temperature for hands and feet. Liner glove and PI Amfib; wool socks and Shimano winter boot; for above freezing!

Good group of guys and dog Cody. Thanks for recovery drinks Dave, Paul, Greg, and for pizza, Cody.