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After Cranksgiving 2011 Report

After Cranksgiving Report
Cranksgiving Omaha 2011, was held at Bike Masters on
Saturday, Nov. 12, 2011. The weather was in the mid-fifties, with overcast
skies and 10-15 mph winds. The streets were dry and it did not rain or snow
during the day. No complaints about the weather.
52 riders registered for the event. 4 single speed riders, 5
trailer riders, and the other riders were geared. We received rider prizes from
Trek Store Omaha, Extreme Wheels, Olympia Cycle, Green Street Cycle, Quality
Bike Products, Chrome Bags, Target Stores, Brewskis, and Giant Bicycles. We
were able to raffle off a bicycle and chrome bag donated by Bike Masters, a bag
donated by Chrome Bags, and about ten items donated by the Trek Store and
Extreme Wheels.
We raised $535 in check/cash donations and raffle ticket
sales. The amount of check donations was $155. There was at least one known
cash donation, in the amount of $50. That leaves the remaining amount of $330
to raffle ticket sales and unknown cash donations. The raffle tickets were sold
for $1 each.
We had nine people volunteer; Perry Mitchell, Scott Smith,
Genea Davis, Kathy Palmer, Dave Cassiday, Jennifer Rardin, Joan Mitchell-Boyd,
Scott’s daughter Aireal (I probably spelled her name wrong), and Erin Mitchell.
We had five people provide food items; Joan Mitchell, Paula Mitchell, Scott
Smith, Dave Reinartz, and a lady with a baby (her name may have been Kim
McColgan). All of the food was gone by the end of the event, I think there was
enough food. The food was very good.
We had trophies for Mens/Womens single speed and geared
classes and a Trailer class. We had Gold, Silver, and Bronze cranks and gears
for each winner. Dave Reinartz has the list of winners in each class.
Registration was held from 11:00am to 12:00pm. We started
the race at 12:06 pm. The first rider back was Dave Mortensen, in 48 minutes.
We had the trophy presentations at 2:30 pm. The raffle ticket prizes were drawn
at 3:00pm. There were 5 or 6 registered riders out still at 3:00pm. I am not
aware of them coming in after 3:00pm, I hope they are okay.
The total amount of food that was donated during the event
was 1,288 pounds. We filled up the eight tubs provided by the Omaha Food Bank.
Next year they need to bring ten tubs because we did not have enough tubs for
all the food.
I rate the event as very successful. 1,288 lbs of food
donated, $535 donated, 52 riders who had fun, (or at least it looked like they
had fun) and no one was injured in a traffic accident. I would like to thank
all the riders, sponsors, volunteers and food providers for their time, effort
and willingness to serve. Thanks,
Perry Mitchell

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