Thursday, October 20

2035 transportation master plan seeking comments

Overall, I was encouraged by number of bike infrastructure projects, especially numbers in North Omaha. Discouraging is the number of years to get many of the projects done, especially west of 680 which are 10-15 years out (e.g. extending Big Papio trail through Tranquility Park to Military Ave.) or more.

The high number of non car projects makes sense since the goal of TMP 2035 is to become multi modal and non auto modes are the most poorly represented. Bottom line, one needs to move way inside 680 if you want better biking infrastructure in the next 5 years. Outside 680 or inside, one must learn to ride as and with vehicular traffic.

I encourage people to peruse the plan at and make comments.

For example, I will comment on MP-023 Multiuse path along the west side of Standing Bear Lake which is planned between 2021-25:

People have worn a path on the dirt shoulder, often walking withing a couple feet of cars going 45 mph and more. This situation is similar to the Lake Zorinski path along 168th St. Should this path really be put off 10-15 years? Regardless, the speed limit should be reduced to 35 mph till a multiuse path is separated from the road.

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