Tuesday, August 16

important meeting on future omaha bike transportation

Please attend the Transportation Master Plan public comment meeting on Thursday, Sept 15 at 630 PM.
Scott Conference Center 6450 Pine St.

(You are welcome to join us at the shop as we leave at 5:30 to ride to this meeting. Heard there are groups also riding from Century Link Center and possibly Seymor Smith Park.)

It is very important for a large number of citizens to attend! The future of all transportation planning for Omaha for the next 30 years is at stake. You can influence the future with your attendance and comments!

There is a chance for Omaha to actually have transportation infrastructure and services that will promote bicycling, pedestrianism, and mass transit. City leaders need to be impressed by the public demand for these facilities. The economic survival of Omaha is at stake! All the studies the city has commissioned show that we cannot continue to support a transportation system that relies on the single occupancy motor vehicle as the only real choice for citizens to get around town. The system will collapse under its own weight.

Despite the clear and obvious need to change, the City of Omaha's political leaders will fail to make the necessary changes because they afraid that the people of Omaha prefer to rush over the cliff of inaction like a bunch of mindless lemmings!

We must show them that the people of Omaha are actually intelligent, thoughtful, and prefer to have the transportation options that other cities with more progressive leadership have already begun to implement. Rush hour congestion, dependence on foreign oil, and the negative health consequences of inactive lifestyle are not what Omahans want.


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