Tuesday, July 5

volunteers needed for races at tranquility this weekend

Nebraska Lottery Psycowpath mtb series continues this Saturday with a time trial at Lewis and Clark Monument, a short track race at Tranquility Park; and Sunday, a cross country race at Tranquility Park.

We need the following volunteers at Tranquility:

Saturday Personnel:

11:30 setup and STXC course marking
12:00-16:00 2 waivor/chip handout; 1 announcer

13:30-17:00 2 help scoring (read bib numbers, write bib numbers); 1 give out awards, 1 course marshal position, 

*** no grill Saturday, just water and gatoraid ***
17:30 teardown

18:00 xc course marking

Sunday Personnel:
09:30 setup tents
10:00 2 to check course and marking

10:00-11:45 2 wavior/chip handout; 2 parking attendents
12:00-15:30 2 help scoring;
12:00-13:00 1 sweeper for Juniors

12:00-14:00 2 course marshal positions (camelhumps, ridgeline); 2 to tape off innerloop bypass and north fort intersection after juniors/ftimers
12:00-16:00 2 grill;

13:30-16:30 1 announce and 1 give medals/awards
17:00 teardown

The net proceeds from these two races pay for BMCC's half of the payments for Tigger.

Please rsvp your help to tpmbt at cox dot net.
Thanks for your help! Dale

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