Wednesday, July 27

a few tweaks to mary

Finally remembered to order my fender stays last week. Been riding around without a front fender because of one too many hits from toe overlap.
Have the fender closer to the tire and no toe overlap yet, need to try my winter shoes still.

Also added a matching leather mud flap to the back fender to balance out the front. Actually needed to block stuff from hitting grandson in trailer.

One more thing, trying a Brooks B17 saddle. The leather is tight requiring me to point the nose down even though I had it pointed up slightly on previous saddles. I often ride to work in regular shorts and it is more uncomfortable, but I've only ridden it for a day.

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dale said...

Well, the B17 trial lasted a day or so. The standard size wasn't working for me, or rather, my prostate.

Looking to order the B17 narrow imperial - a slimmed down version - 150 mm wide instead of 175; and with the top strap cut out for more prostate love.