Saturday, May 28

marriage proposal at bike masters

We get a call at 7pm Friday asking if we can do a bike fitting at 7:30. Dan asks what level of fitting are they looking for? He says to fit a woman. He wants to propose to her at the shop and buy a bike for her tonight. Dan is all excited and says that would be awesome. After he gets off the phone and tells us, we think it is a prank call.

7:30 rolls around and no couple. Leaning more towards prank. 7:40 and a car rolls up and a couple walk in. They walk back to the women's clothing section, talk a little, then he gets down on one knee and proposes! She says, "Are you kidding?" "I knew you were going to do this!"

Here is a pic of the kiss sealing the "yes"

We applaud and are excited to be a part of the moment!

Coach works with them on the bike. Come to find out, she wants a Pinarello. They decide to come back for a full fit service and have time to choose from all the color options.

May God grant them a lifetime of adventure, growing together, and bike riding.

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