Wednesday, May 18

feeling good on monday's ride - ridgeline

Paul and Mike on the Ridgeline at Tranquility.

A view looking up the line.

Was excited about the cooler weather, low to mid 60's with sunshine and little wind is about perfect in my book. Trail was 'tacky fast' as RF says, and it was like that even before the cat 3's dried it out. 8-)

Tires were sticking and I was seeing the edges as berms through much of the older trail. Stepped up the effort between regroupings to or just beyond sustainable power output.

After regrouping at the end of the Ridgeline, someone mentioned riding it backwards. I wanted to attempt it sometime and decided this was the time. Made it on my first attempt.

Almost came to a track stand a couple times trying to turn the 36x18 gear over the short steep climbs. It's been a long time since I pulled on the bars that hard. I was out of breath by the end and my abs, not legs, were the sorest. I took the easy way back down, not sure I could ride back Ridgeline successfully. Thanks to Mike who was sporting a new chess harness for his camera, he caught my attempt on video.

Finally, I rode the North Fort St addition at speed. Surpised how the trail is smoothing out, though there are a few bone shakers still. About 14 minutes which is good. Figure cat 1 needed to take at least 8 minutes for a 35 minute lap to make the winners ride at least 1 hr 45 mins for 3 laps. I haven't compared times between Ridgeline and the regular way but my guess is its a wash.

Tranquilty races are July 9 and 10, seven weeks from this weekend.

Enjoy the ride!

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RF said...

I hope i get to ride tomorrow night! fingers crossed for good weather to hold...