Thursday, April 14

circumnavigation of omaha, sun apr 17

Bike Masters
Annual Spring Century
April 17, 2011
Start Time: 8:00 AM
Leave from Bike Masters parking lot, 129 & Fort
Ride Leader: Dave R
SAG Vehicle: Darwin P
This ride is intended for experienced cyclists who are sure they can complete a century ride. You are expected to carry everything you need to complete the ride. There will be opportunities to get food and drink along the way. We hope that the group can stay together as much as possible, or break up into smaller groups that can ride together. There will be a support vehicle from Bike Masters until 4:00 PM.

If you are out later than that and do not want to SAG in, you will be on your own.
This ride takes us around the perimeter of Omaha on a variety of roads and highways. Hope you enjoy the varied and scenic tour.

See comments for cue sheet.

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dale said...

North on 129 St thru neighborhood
Continue North on 132 St to Military
East on Military to 120th St
North on 120 St to State
East on State
Cross Hwy 133 Blair High Road
North on Blair High Road to Irvington Road
North on Irvington Rd
Continue on 108 St to Hwy 36

East on Hwy 36 to 72 St
North on 72 St to Northern Hills Dr
East on Northern Hills Dr to Hwy 75
South on Hwy 75 to Calhoun Rd
South on Calhoun Rd to Ponca Rd
East on Ponca Rd to Pershing Dr

South on Pershing Dr to Abbott Dr
Continue on Abbott Dr to Lindbergh Plaza
East on Lindbergh Plaza around Eppley Airfield Back to Abbott Dr
Southwest on Abbott Dr to 10 St
South on 14 St to Jackson
West on Jackson to 16 St
South on 16 St to Deer Park Blvd

South on 14 St
East on C St to D St
Cross 13 St headed East
South on 9 St to Gifford Rd
To J St headed West
South on 13 St

Turn Left onto Bellevue Blvd North
Continue on Bellevue Blvd North Southbound
TURN LEFT onto Bellevue Blvd South
East and South on Bellevue Blvd S to Franklin
East on Mission Ave in Olde Towne Bellevue
South on Hancock to Harlan Lewis Rd
South on Harlan Lewis Rd to LaPlatte Rd
West on LaPLatte Rd
South thru LaPlatte on Main St then West on LaPlatte Rd to 36 St

North on 36 St to Hwy 370
West on Hwy 370 to Gretna
North on Hwy 31 to W Q Rd
West on West Q to 264 St
North on 264 St to Old Maple Rd

East on Old Maple to Waterloo
Continue on West Maple to 230 St
North on 230/225 St to Bennington Rd
East on Bennington Rd
Continue East on Military to 132 St
South on 132 St to Himebaugh
East on Himebaugh to 129 St
South on 129 to Fort

Bike Masters

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