Monday, March 7

monday night mtb ride 03.07 urban to elkhorn

The Omaha Transportation Master Plan is having a presentation tonight at the Commons Ground Community Center in Elkhorn starting at 6:30 tonight. I plan to ride there from the shop; its about 9 miles or so; a little west of 192nd and Blondo.

I would like to leave earlier, say around 5:30 to give enough time for a causal ride out there. If you want to ride with but can't make it till later, let me know. I will wait in order to ride out with someone. If you want to just ride out with me part way and then return, that's cool too. Probably won't get back till 9pm.

Temps around freezing or above today so I would not ride singletrack tonight.

Let's enjoy the ride!



dale said...

Rode out with AJ; he rode to the shop from 78th and Harney. Paul was at the meeting when we arrived.

Low turnout, maybe 10 who weren't there as part of their job.

Consultant gave quick overview and made economic case for need to change from current growth pattern (low density sprawl) to higher density, more grid pattern infrastructure growth in outlying areas as well as infill areas.

Basically, our current growth pattern is about the most expensive way to build and maintain infrastructure, besides being hospitable to only the car mode of transportation.

They will be having ideas on the drawing boards for people to comment on, along with individual input on other options. People, this is the best opportunity to get one-on-one time with a planner to see what they are doing and talk about any ideas you would like to see.

West O people, please invest your time and thoughts into the future growth and quality of life in Omaha by getting out to the Common Ground Community Center.

Today: 10-5
Wed: 10-7
Thur: 10-3
Thur: 6:30 presentation of input/ideas.

dale said...

BTW, AJ and I rode back 192nd to Maple and east. Maple is a great utilitarian street to ride: cement shoulder, low number of cross streets, lower grade hills, speed limited to 45 or so for autos. Definitely the most efficient way to get to Elkhorn from central Omaha via bike.