Wednesday, March 16

The 2011 Bike Omaha Commuter Challenge

Let's get the word out early about this years Bike Omaha Commuter Challenge.

Activate Omaha wants us to join them in a bike commuting contest between businesses/organizations in our area. Are you already riding to work? Why not keep track of those miles on Activiate Omaha's web site. Track your progress on their "Cycle-Tracker" web site. You'll earn 10 points per trip and 1 point per mile. I logged in to the site today and it looks like Bike Masters still has a team setup for this. Every trip and mile counts towards making Omaha more bicycle friendly!!
Go to the Activate Omaha Cycle-Tracker Link to sign up.

NEW FOR 2011: EXPANDED DATES...May 1 - October 1!

Stay tuned for more updates, AND "like" them (Bike Omaha Commuter Challenge) on Facebook!

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dale said...

Thanks stratomatic for the link and challenge! As avid cyclists on and off road, lets be an example and encouragement for others to start riding to work, to events, etc.