Sunday, February 27

Trek Up The Tower 2011

Thanks to Daren, Lynn and Jason O. the Bike Masters team finished 7th out of 69 teams in the community team category. All 8 team members were among the 1417 climbers that made it to the top, some of us not as fast as we had hoped. Complete results can be found here:

Ivan Marsh won the event for the 5th straight year with a time of 4:27, just missing his 2009 record of 4:24.

The firefighters who climb the 40 floors in full gear were late for their start time because they were still fighting a fire. They showed up smelling like smoke and headed up the stairs.

As this event becomes more popular the field is full earlier each year, this year on January 1, so if you are thinking about it for next year register early. Registration opens November 1, 2011 for the 2012 Trek.

Thanks to all who participated, thanks Paul for the photos, thanks Bike Masters for sponsoring us and a special thanks to all the volunteers who helped put on this event.


dale said...

Way to participate guys and gals!

How did the legs feel yesterday and today?

Sounds like you need to start training now to give Ivan a run for his money next year. 8-)

Oldandintheway said...

Legs don't feel bad, its the lungs and throat that get killed. Expect the legs to burn but I was breathing so hard by about the 5th floor I had to slow down, otherwise I would have given Ivan a run for his money.
Next year!