Thursday, October 21

L&C hurts

Went to the TNR at L&C tonight. RF proved me wrong by clearing the new section on his first attempt. I challenged him that no one would clean it their first time because of a blind ttf. L&C is difficult so the addition is difficult as well. Its basically downhill to the bottom, turn left to ride along the flat railroad trail and then two short, steep power climbs and a g-out with a blind exit that max out my effort. I've only cleared the first one, two and three still own me. I only did one lap, felt like I was going to puke climbing Supermodel to the exit. L&C is painful for me to ride. I go anerobic so often.


Martin said...

Drop it to the small chain ring and large cog in the back.

dale said...

True, part of my pain is choice to use 19th century drivetrain. Keeping it in the middle ring at 32x34 is about 4 cogs easier than 36x22.

But part is also riding the more difficult trails infrequently. Because building trail has a more limited time frame than riding, and I enjoy hiking and envisioning new trail, seat time gets the short end of the stick.

Bottom line, the buck stops with me. I get out of it what I put into it and I'm putting little into it in regards to riding L&C, Jewell, and Platte.