Sunday, August 1

Missed opportunity?

I was reading the special section of the paper today called "The Metro guide" . I was a little disappointed. There was nothing in it about mountain biking, nothing telling people of the great trails we have in this area. Nothing about Thor, or Psycowpath racing. There have been many times that I tell people I mountain bike, and they are surprised that we have trails in this area, let alone that we have 6 or so within the metro area.

I think this is a missed opportunity for us as mountain bikers to help the sport grow.

I am thinking of calling or e mailing the paper and telling them about us. Does anyone know of a number or e mail address? What are your thoughts.

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dale said...

I thought the same thing.

- We should have the mtb trails listed on the trail map page 33, maybe with an MTB symbol. Trail descriptions for page 32 can be pulled from THOR website.

- Psycowpath and maybe Nebraska Cycling Association should be included with Sports Organizations on page 37.

RF is in the leadership of all three of these organizations. dmars, I suggest you email him about the OWH Metro Guide.