Friday, August 27

brian races leadville 100


This was without parallel my greatest challenge, and with the help of all those involved, my greatest achievement. I had a great race, running stronger than ever through pipeline return, Powerline ascent cracked my resolve however, leaving me with only 40 minutes after the express aid station on Kevin's. I arrived back in Leadville at 6:33 pm (3 minutes after cutoff for 12hr buckle) after turning myself inside out for 13 miles to the finish, went home feeling less than successful (finished race on my first attempt, but did not earn a buckle).

I went the awards ceremony, and actually spoke with Ken C. beforehand to ask about timing chips/minutes lost before actual start line situation, and he said "Come to the awards ceremony, we'll take care of you." and winked. Ken did award several 9hour buckles and a few 12 hour buckles to riders just minutes over due to the timing chip system (myself included!!!!), so I am very excited to say that I not only finished/survived, but also earned the buckle in the process!! I look forward to returning to Leadville in the future, as this is a mountain bicycling mecca in my opinion, and I cannot wait to challenge myself once again.

Thanks for everything, I truly appreciate the assistance/service you have provided.

Brian L.

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