Friday, July 2

great new tool for tranquility trail maintenance

Ever since cutting in the Tranquility Park Mountain Bike Trail in 2006, we have battled keeping up with the mowing. The trail crew mostly used and abused their own push mowers and weedwackers.

Several times throughout the years we approached Omaha Parks about using one of their mowers, but they would not allow it.

In 2009, the Tranquility trail crew proposed THOR buy a commercial grade zero turn mower. For several reasons, the THOR Board did not want to help purchase nor be responsible for such large equipment.

Dan, owner of Bike Masters, discussed the need for a commercial rider with myself several times since last year. We are proud to announce that the Bike Masters shop and the Bike Masters Cycling Club have purchased a Scag STC48V-19KAI Tiger Cat zero turn mower, aka Tigger! Dan took out a five year loan and we are splitting the payments. Basically, I've pledged the profits from the next five years of the Tranquility Tire Tantrum be directed towards the club's half of the payments.

This purchase will reduce by about 75% the amount of time and physical labor required to mow Tranquility, allowing more trail crew time for tread work and trimming limbs.

In addition, Tigger gives the trail crew the capacity to maintain a trail on the north side of Fort St., if we receive permission from Omaha Parks. Staying around trees as much as possible, the trail would add approximately two miles to the six miles south of Fort St. The trail would go under the Fort St. bridge along the Big Papio.

We will have Tigger on display at the Tranquility Tire Tantrum this August.

And tell Dan thanks for supporting the Tranquility trail crew big time! While Tigger will be used at the shop and Dan's house, the majority of hours will be logged at Tranquility.


Stratomatic said...

Poor Tranquility grass doesn't stand a chance now. Thank you Dan!

dmars said...

thanks Dan