Sunday, June 20

ponca 2010

Caravanned with Dave and Linda up to Ponca Saturday. Lots of construction on I-29, about 2hrs drive. Saw lots of water in the fields but the trail was cool. Needed to work balance on some climbs but everything was rideable if you had what it takes. I didn't.

Climbed everything to the first road crossing then down, down, down and walked the triple step and a handful of other climbs. Later laps added more walking. Finished with four laps in about 2.5 hours. Got to see the cat 1 bullettrain go by, they are scarey fast.

Thanks to the guys and gals putting on the race. I didn't stay for the results but everything went well from my point of view.

I forget how beautiful Ponca is. Though it kicked my butt, it was a good trip. Quit early enough to beat the 2 pm closing of the coffee shop in Ponca. Good Italian sub and rhubarb pie for recovery.

Went home hwy 77 to 275. Took about 10 minutes longer but a lot less traffic. Down to 1 lane at a town because they were pumping water across the road.

Thanks to all the BMCC members who made the trip up and represented. Ryan was flying in the Marathon, he lapped me twice and would of 3 times if I didn't pull the plug early. I think he may have lapped the field. Brian, Dave N., Dave M., Dan, Todd, and at least one more were seen as well.


dmars said...

Ponca race was great. I had alot of fun. Thank you guys for all the hard work.

RF said...

I can't say enough about how cool it is to see Dale & Dave out there riding your own race, pushing yourself in the marathon. You are the perfect example of how the marathon event, and racing in general, can be fun for everyone! It's about participation and personal achievement.
That course has got to be one of my favorites. I'm thinking a weekend camping trip up there this fall is in order.
Another favorite moment, I passed Junior 10-12 racer Clay S, and I said "keep going you can do it" and he yelled "good job!" back to me. That little dude rocked a full lap of the course in his first ever mtb race.

dale said...

I was encouraged by the jr woman 13-15 who I passed on my second lap on the hills along the MO river. She was pushing a bike that would probably pro-rate to a 45 lb bike for me. I encouraged her to keep moving. She said thanks and complemented my riding.

Good stuff!