Wednesday, May 5

when the lord restores the fortunes ...

Received a voice mail this morning from an OPD detective about my bike, mary. Called back and he is in court today, but I have hope of her return!

My bible reading today was Psalm 126. It is cool how the psalmist tells about
'When the LORD restores the fortunes of Zion
- we see it as in a dream -
our mouths shall be filled with laughter,
our tongues, with songs of joy.

Just the hope of mary being restored to me brings laughter and joy to my heart.

I should write a song of joy to the LORD,
maybe even sing it!

It is interested in that before I heard the voice mail this morning,
I decided I can't get an Indy Fab I was starting to think about.
We had to buy another car and our church is having a fundraiser this Fall
to remodel the church, add satellite services, and provide education for pastors
in Mali and China. This is a 3 year commitment to fund these initiatives.

Now I'm praying about giving the money we would have spent on the Indy Fab as a one time gift towards the fundraiser.

Hopefully, mary will be restored to me for sentimental and practical reasons.
Thank you, LORD.


dmars said...

awesome. It will be good to see mary again, I wonder if someone just gave up trying to ride it.

Stratomatic said...

Great news Dale. Looking forward to hearing more.