Monday, May 31

MNR Tonight?



Stratomatic said...

I can't be there at 6PM tonight but hope to get a lap in before sundown tonight.

dale said...

I mowed the ice loop and cut some branches out. Loading up at ice rink parking lot and three bikers getting ready to ride, first timers and beginners. Enough work for now, asked if I could ride with them and spent an hour tooling around narrating course, history, blah blah blah.

All had a great time. One rode camelhumps on second try, then led down the ice loop, slid out and taco'd the front wheel! Banged it into shape to get back to car.

They were high fiving each other at the end and hoot'n and holler'n along the trail!

Great payback seeing people have fun on the trail, really excited, and wanting to do more mtb'ing.

Now wife has potatoes and steaks on the grill. Time to open some wine and mello out.

Hope your weekend was as good as mine.