Saturday, April 3

Awesome Saturday MTB TT with BMCC

It was great to see so many green and white BMCC team jerseys line up and race the Jewell TT today! Good showing and good volunteering, awesome work! Final results will be up by noon Sunday. Have a great Easter, might see you on Monday night MTB ride...

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dale said...

Great job putting on the race, and great idea of a mtb tt.

I think the cat 3 turnout was better than if an XC race would have been run since the stress of passing and being passed was taken out of the experience. I hope the mtb tt at L&C will also produce a better than XC cat 3 turnout there.

Bottom line, I had fun riding there, tt'ing, and riding back. TT is great race format to ride to and from since there is something left to get back home on. I was able to climb everything and not get off the bike the entire lap, it has been a long time since I've done that at Jewell. Running a 36x22 gave me climbing, though the guy I passed caught up to me after some flats but I was able to loose him for good on the next series of climbs. The guy starting behind me did pass me just before the doubletrack start of the outer loop.

Now I need to go check the results.