Sunday, March 21

monday mtb ride 3.22 update

Update!!! Chris checked the trail at noon and it is a not rideable today. 8-(
Please don't ride tranquility today.
We will ride some hard surface tonight.

Chris went out to tp today and cleaned out the S turns entering Fort St Loop, the exit is still wet; the nursery was a bit slimey but not bad. He thinks we may be able to ride Monday night.

We are having a hard frost tonight but with temps in upper 50's, hoping late afternoon/evening will find the trail rideable. If not, we will improvise with some hard surface riding.

Will leave the shop at 6 pm, ride by Fort St parking lot about 6:05 if anyone wants to park there.

Enjoy the ride!

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dale said...

Went against Chris' judgement and we rode tp last night. Wetter than the tnr, except for entrance to the nursery.

Had to ride outside the tread near exit of North Loop (fell down spinning tire on recon) and exit of Fort St Loop (sorry for bad example), otherwise stayed on tread, even through water near finish line.

Had two cx bikes besides mtb's b/c they were expecting hard surface ride. We stopped and talked alot and only did one lap in 1hr 15. Didn't want to ride through the wet sections again.