Saturday, February 6

rode/walked to work friday

Riding home Wednesday night, found out that Standing Bear Lake trail had been cleared. First time I rode it this year. I was the hoping that the snow fall was light enough to enjoy the ride. Really enjoy the quiet - snow acted like a big sound dampener with no traffic, people, or wind noise.

I stopped to take the first pick. Can see pedal strikes but still rideable. Was very difficult to see path, sort of whiteout with no depth perception. This side west of 144th was not walked much with the previous snow so the trail was cleared mostly to the cement.

East of 144th, higher use had packed the snow down more so the plow didn't always get down to the cement. That caused deeper snow and eventually walking.

Was able to get riding again, then got on park road and followed car tracks to 132nd and neighborhood streets to work.

Took the neighborhood streets south of Fort St home. Even unplowed streets with groves weren't too bad, didn't fall anyway.

Concerning the THOR annual meeting Saturday, a couple of us are eating at Wheatland Express in the Old Market at 8:30. Bringing a bike and will try to ride after the meeting.

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