Saturday, February 27

Got Fender?

The gravel ride north left a not yet populated strip mall west of 120th and Military at 10AM this morning. Fenders were a bonus since the roads were already a bit soft in places. Tim, Dmars and Dale were riding single speeds. Dave N. and myself rode our geared machines. The Farm Dog came out wagging his tale and I think it tried to lick Dmars on the leg. He seemed to get fat and friendly since last year. Maybe we just didn't get enough rides in this winter to keep him fit chasing us. Good sunny ride.

(edit: dale) Here's a pic of the hill north of Rainwood with freshly laid stone.

Link to Dave's
Google Map of the ride.

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Oldandintheway said...

Link to the map below don't know how to simplify it. Good ride, nice to meet Tim. Thanks for loaning me your fenders Stratomatic. See some of you tomorrow,-96.050034&spn=0.127769,0.300407&t=h&z=12&iwloc=0004809f4240f4a2dec2e