Wednesday, February 17

12 hrs of troy this saturday

Hope you can all join us for 12 hours of Troy on saturday.
Here are some points of info:

1. Bike Masters will provide free bottled water to all riders.
2. Dave will be making muffins. I am planning 2 dozen, so, if you want one, come early.
3. Someone always brings some fresh fruit or other goodies to share with the group. I think this is a good tradition.
4. You can buy GU or Clif Bars, etc.
5. Suzanne's Hawaiian Adventure will play relatively early in the day, so if you want to see her Ironman video, come early.
6.I hope to have tshirts again this year. You have to ride at least 3 hours to get a tshirt.
7. I have a couple good movies picked out. You can still suggest a movie you have. Please let me know asap. MUST BE NON-BORING. remember, Buckaroo Banzai is retired.

Thanks, Dave

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