Friday, January 22

laid back country folk??

Drove up to Ft Calhoun, and then rode 12 miles on county roads(I know, I should have just rode there instead). I got a little cold toward the end, but it was better than riding inside. I didn't take any pictures, but here are some pictures from my ride on the 11Th.

P.S. to the guy driving the maroon mercury that gave me the finger and swerved at me: have a nice day, and I invite you to stop next time if you want to debate the merits of riding bikes on the road.

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dale said...

Great pics. Ideally we would ride to every location, but time (and fitness? 8-) doesn't allow.

I'm surprised, usually the cars on gravel roads wave with all five fingers.

I got yelled at on the way home from work Thursday night. I was off Fort St about a block and he still felt the need to yell something at me.

It's amazing how riding a bicycle on roads brings out such strong, negative emotions from a small number of car drivers? Expecially when not even hindering their speed.