Tuesday, January 27

Lovely riding weather

This morning I had to pick up my car at the shop. The shop we use (because the guy that runs it is actually trustworthy) is Elkhorn Automotive in Waterloo. I opted to ride my bike the 16 miles from my house to the shop. It was a very enjoyable ride. Having the right clothes and equipment for cold weather riding makes a world of difference. The light snow during the ride made it all that much more enjoyable. However, I rode State street from 86th to Highway 31. There are a LOT of hills on State Street. I was pooped when I got to Waterloo.


rg said...


I've got a mechanic in town that you should use!

HAVER's Service Center. He was my neighbor, family owned and family run - good folks!

dale said...

Doug took me on State St a couple years ago for a hill workout. Had fun watching Doug pull away from me on each hill. 8-)

Glad you enjoyed the ride and had a safe trip.

Biker Bob said...

Thanks for the tip RG... but if he is in town, how am I supposed to get a 16 mile ride in pickup up my car? ;-)

Yeah... State street has same good hills. I can just see Doug flying up each one like it was nothing.

rg said...

Bob, Drop off the car, ride around zorinksy a few times an then ride home. Their omaha Office is at Bob Boozer and Center.

I do happen to know that a ride from 180th and q. to maple and back on the West papio will yeild 20 miles!