Friday, December 12

early morning ride around sbl

Waking up unusually early, I decided to take advantage of the calm winds and bright moon for a ride around SBL about 06:30. 23F with calm winds felt nice. Had a nice view across the lake of predawn light. Wish the pic turned out. A lot of canadian geese were honking in the middle of the lake. Streets and trail were a tad slippery b/c of the frozen dew or precip from yesterday. I went off the trail along a drainage and found a 30's or 40's milk delivery truck body. Pretty cool except for my glasses fogging over unless I was riding. Took the above shots a little later riding footpaths to fishing spots.

Later this morning, I saw for the first time a coyote pair in our back yard which is beside a wilderness area in SBL. Looked like one was into the neighborhood. Also really cool!

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