Tuesday, September 16

long gravel grinder

Most of you are probably going to Branched Oak for the rescheduled Nebraska Lottery Psycowpath xc race this Saturday. For those who prefer a long ride, the Good Life Gravel Adventure is also this Saturday. Leaves from Lincoln, 84th and Mopac trail, at 06:00. Bikely map here. It is unsupported. I have the cue sheet instructions in the comments.


dale said...

0.0 Mopac to 112th Street (take a Right onto 112th Street)

2.4 112th to Pine Lake Road (Right on Pine Lake)
6.1 Pine Lake to 98th Street (Left on 98th)
7.1 98th Street to Yankee Hill Road (take a Right onto Yankee Hill)

8.2 Cross Hwy 2 on Yankee Hill Road (take left on Lincoln Road)

8.5 Veer Left from Lincoln Road onto Breagan Road

8.8 Breagan Road to 98th (take Right on 98th)

9.1 98th to Saltillo (take Right on Saltillo)

10.6 Saltillo to 96th (take left on 96th)

10.8 98th to Wittstruck (take left on Wittstruck)

12.8 Wittstruck to 110th (take right on 110th)

13.8 110th to Pella Road (take right on Pella)

21.8 Pella to South 25th (take left on South 25th)

27.7 South 25th to East Apple (take right on East Apple)

30.7 East Apple turns into East 1st Street in Cortland!!!! Use caution crossing Route 77

Go to the Cenez EZ Stop on 6th street in Cortland and buy a Nebraska Power Ball Lottery ticket

Take East 6th street to Washington Street

32.4 Washington Street to West 1st Street (take left on West 1st)

32.8 West 1st Street turns into East Apple

West 1st St/East Apple to SW 2nd Road (take left on SW 2nd)

33.5 SW 2nd Road to East Ash Road (take right on East Ash)

34.5 East Ash turns into West Ash – Stay on Ash!

West Ash Road to SW 142nd Street (take left on SW 142nd)

44.4 SW 142 Street to County Road 00 (take right on 00 Rd)

45.0 County Rd 00 to County Rd 2350 (take left on County 2350)

46.4 County Road 2350 to 41/E 3rd Street (take right on 41/3rd)

46.9 E 3rd Street to Main Street (take left on Main Street)

47.8 Main Street to W 6th Street

48.0 Stop at the Casey’s and buy a lottery ticket!

W 6th Street to School Street (take right on School)

48.2 School to W Hickory Street (take left on W Hickory)

48.8 W Hickory to N Shimerda Street (take right on N Shimerda)

49.1 N Shimerda to County Road N (take left on County Road N)

50.7 County Road N to County Rd 2100 (take right on County 2100)

51.7 County Rd 2100 to County Rd K (take right on County K)

54.7 Road K dog legs at County Road 2250! Stay on County Rd K!

County Rd K turns into West Pella Road after dog leg!

West Pella Road to SW 29th Street (take left on SW 29th)

66.6 SW 29th dog legs on Sprague Road –Turn Left on Sprague and Right back onto SW 29th!

SW 29th Street to Wittstruck Road (take left on Wittstruck)

74.8 Wittstruck to SW 58th Street (take right on SW 58th)

76.8 SW 58th street to W Saltillo Road (take right on W Saltillo)

78.8 W Saltillo Road to SW 58th Street (take left on SW 58th Street)

79.0 SW 58th Street to W Yankee Hill Road (take left on W Yankee)

81.0 W Yankee Hill Rd to SW 98th St - tarmac (take right on SW 98th)

84.0 SW 98th Street to W 3rd Street (take right on W 3rd)

84.8 There is no street sign for W 3rd, but take first right after passing the Denton sign!

Buy a lottery ticket at Denton Mill’s Squeegee (Mobil Station)!

W 3rd Street to SW 91st Street (take left on SW 91st)

85.2 SW 91st Street to W Denton Road (take left on W Dento)

85.5 W Denton Road to SW 112th Street (take right on SW 112th)

87.0 SW 112th Street to W Holdredge Street (take right on W Hold)

93.0 W Holdredge to NW 98th Street (take left on NW 98th)

94.0 NW 98th Street to W Superior Street (take left on W Superior)

96.0 W Superior St to NW 105th Street (take right on NW 105th)

96.5 Veer Left from NW 105th onto pavement (Malcolm tower visible) and ride this into Malcolm.

Take Right onto Lincoln Street and stop at the Malcolm General Store

Buy Lottery ticket at Malcolm General Store!

Last chance before finish to refuel before the finish!

Take Second Street to N. East (cross on the sidewalk to avoid construction)

Take a Left on N. East

100.1 N. East turns into NW 105th outside of Malcolm!

NW 105th to W. Waverly Road (take right on W. Waverly)

101.7 W Waverly Road to NW 70th Street (take left on NW 70th)

104.2 NW 70th to W Branched Oak Road (take right on W BO road)

107.2 Branched Oak Road to N 98th Street (take right on N 98th)

119.1 N 98th Street to Havelock Avenue (take left on Havelock)

127.1 Havelock Avenue to N 112th Street (take right on N 112th)

128.1 N 112th Street to Mopac Trail (take right back onto Mopac)

132.2 Take the Mopac trail into the Start/Finish line!


1by9 said...

Which one are you doing Dale?

dale said...

Neither, I'll be painting. Spent 4 hours Tuesday and 6 hours Wednesday painting south edges and eves. Borrowed my neighbor's 28' ladder with stablizer bar; had it fully extended for the first use - quite the pucker factor!

I'm going to need to use your 34' on the east and probably the north sides. I will use your roller extension Thursday.

How's the 34' working out? When will you need the roller extension?