Saturday, June 14

Tranquility Swamp lands #2

Still some standing water, as of Friday Afternoon, but a lot of the trail is still ridable.


1by9 said...

Please be aware of a collapsed embankment on the North side of the creek that took place Friday night. The area is flagged to move riders over a bit and I will be shifting the trail a few yards at that point to create a safer distance in case of more errosion.

dale said...

Wow, that's a lot more water than I expected for Friday afternoon. dmars was riding everything except the north creek trail. His bike was a little muddy, but in a splash way, not loaded up.

I assumed Doug was riding everything Friday but maybe not?

Anyway, I don't think we got much rain this morning so the trail should be rideable this afternoon. If north creek too wet, can easily bypass. I may have to throw on the fattires and mosey down there for a lap or two later today.

But first, got a charcoal grill for father's day. Cooking the first meal on it as I write.

1by9 said...

I rerouted the trail a bit on the north creek section because of the cliff cave in. It is weed wacked to dirt and flagged. Also there is another cliff erosion issue next a little further down by the log crossing. We need to chain saw off a large branch to be able to stay to the right of the creek.