Saturday, May 31

A Word of Thanks from Tranquility

After finally getting to actually ride Tranquility this past week I was amazed to see how the new course has improved and matured since last Fall. I want to give everyone involved with volunteer work or those actually getting out and using the trail a heart felt thank you! Your efforts have made a huge difference and make for a much better trail experience. Future improvements will include the installation of a beautiful new Kiosk that Mark Kuntz has generously built for the trail system.

Paul, Chris, Dale, Dave, Greg, Martin, Mark and many more deserve special thanks for their extended work efforts with maintaining and improving the trail. It is cool to have so many great volunteers helping to make the dirt in Omaha much more fun to ride. Thank you so much.


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dale said...

Ditto. I've heard from many people who say they like what is being done to the trail. Funny how people mention different sections.

I was thinking that of the 4 miles that was the trail a year ago, probably about 2.5 of that is still used and another 3.5 added. That's incredible!

Thanks, Doug for taking over trail leadership and putting in the most hours to make this major redesign happen!

Hannah and I rode through tp on the way to a dance near 84th and Big Papio Sunday afternoon. Saw Chris' truck and freshly cut grass. On the way back through, saw some of the weeds along the creek are over 3' tall now! Thanks Chris and others for staying on top of this explosion growth! Just talked to dmars and he was heading to mow this afternoon and then ride a lap before the rain tonight.