Sunday, May 18

Battle Royal, (I surrendered)


dmars said...

Fun ride guys, riding the singlespeed kicked my butt.

Tim Wieland said...

Bacon, burgers, brats, beer and good buds (peeps). Great times. Oh yeah, and some great ridin' too!

1by9 said...

Brats, burgers, and bacon trump riding anytime Tim. It does sound like you guys had a great time.

dale said...

Brats and beer taste good after a lap, but not during the next lap.

Riding for fun, you could observe the seriousness of those competing and going after goals.

Tim and Bob grabbed a great location to comfortably watch the riders go by. Very enjoyable.

Thanks to all who represented Bike Masters on the most difficult and diverse trail in the Nebraska Lottery Psycowpath Series.

Special contratulations to Ryan and Roxy for making their engagement public at Platte! Roxy rode the strongest race I've seen her race with 10 laps. I think only 7 other people rode that many.

RF said...

thanks Dale. Yeah Rox was a machine Sunday.
Looking at the officials notes and split times, she was in 5th place amongst the open men through the first EIGHT laps, or 4:45 of racing. And after 10 laps only missed the mens open podium by 6 minutes. Not too shabby.