Saturday, April 19

Tranquility Spring Pothole Report

With the weather finally improving Tranquility is ready for Spring riding. With a new correction to help with water erosion now in place the trail awaits riders. Tread work to smooth out lumps, bumps and ridges is currently being done and will continue for the next several weeks. This along with riders burning in the new reroutes should greatly improve trail smoothness and ready the course for the August Tire Tantrum race. Please follow flagged routes and stay off old trail to prevent further erosion damage. Most of all, get out and have fun.

Thanks, Doug


dmars said...

Thanks Doug!! your hard work is greatly appreciated.

1by9 said...

Sunday's nice weather allowed for more tread work, this time on the North side reroute. While there is still plenty to do, the lower section now has some benching incorporated into the tight turns that used to be off camber... not so much anymore. Big thanks to Paul N. for helping extract a problem root.

POLOSCAB said...

The trail rides great. It has smoothed out a lot. It has a ton of fun sections. The series of S curves thru the pine trees by the tennis courts is a hoot.
Much thanks for all your hard work.

Stratomatic said...

That was a stubborn dang root. And it seemed like it would be such an easy job from what we could see on the surface. Thats going to be an really nice turn now. Chris did an awesome job today on a banked turn over by the courts too. Hope we can ride it tomorrow!