Tuesday, April 1

Psycowpath #1

Are you racing? It'll be my first race, and I'm looking forward to it!

I did see that more rain is called for in the forcast this week. Will it dry out in time?


dale said...

Plan on it being a "go" until we hear otherwise. Jon and co. know how the trail dries, soil moisture content, etc. Plus weather forecasts change daily so how much more rain will they get?

But this reminds me to remind everyone to check over your bike today: clean, lube, and check for cracks, tire puncture/slits, broken pieces, adjustments needed, loose bolts, unusual noises, etc.

If you need professional help (talking about the bike, not people 8-), get it scheduled asap.

RF said...

Just talked with Jon Downey. He road the course TODAY, after yesterdays rain. It is already very rideable and should remain rideable for the rest of the week!

They installed one rock bridge so that riders can ride over top of one short area that doesnt drain well. Othrwise its all good! See you out there!

RF said...

if folks wanna go up there Friday and hotel it, I may be interested in splitting a room. contact me if interested.