Tuesday, April 15

Platte River Trail Day - Apr 19 & 20

From Jesse Peterson, Trail Leader:
Platte River State Park Trail Day needs some hefty volunteer efforts! It's gonna be a gorgeous weekend to be outside and communing with Mama Nature and your cycling buddies!

Trail Clean Up Day
When: Saturday, Apr 19th 10a.m.
Where: Meet at PRSP Wild Turkey parking lot
What: Removing debris from trail and the build-up next to trail
Tools Needed: Rakes, shovels, McClouds, lopers, clippers, hand saws
Time Needed: 4-5 hrs, then ride! (but more peeps means less time working, more time riding)
Remember: Gloves, food, drinks, bike

Trail Marker Installation Day
When: Sunday, April 20 10a.m.
Where: PRSP Wild Turkey parking lot
What: Installing 20-25 trail markers
Tools: We have the install tool - we need guys to drive the posts as well as a couple of sherpas
Time Needed: 3-4 hours, and then ride
Remember: Gloves, food, drinks, and your bike

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