Friday, April 25

new L&M LEDs to outperform HID

Light and Motion Announces the Seca Line of LED Light Systems:Three Models Built Specifically To Outperform HID

April 24, 2008, Monterey, CA— Born from a need for high-performance lighting on the trails behind Laguna Seca, Light & Motion is proud to announce the arrival of Seca. Seca is the first LED bicycle lighting system to make good on the promise of besting the top HID’s on the market. Seca provides the first beam pattern that is custom tailored for the needs of cyclists. One look at Seca and you’ll be convinced; this is the beginning of an entirely new generation of bicycle lighting.


dale said...

“This light is insanely bright,” said Eric Squires, Sales Manger for Light & Motion. “I have been riding the Seca prototypes for months and it’s the first LED system to convince me that LED can beat HID for output and usable light on the trail.”

Between May 15th and August 15th, Light & Motion will release technical details about the Seca line through their website at In addition, they’ll be sharing a behind the scenes look at Seca’s engineering and development process. Those who register will have access to the latest technical information on Seca sent to their email inbox every few weeks. Light & Motion will also announce special offers tailored exclusively to those registered.

About Seca:

The Seca (starting at $349) sets a new standard for high-performance bike lights. With output to 700 lumens, Seca delivers higher quantity and quality of light than the top performing HID systems. Seca is designed to address bike specific lighting needs both on the road and on the trail. This means not only more light, but more light where you want it. Seca’s beam pattern offers an abundance of light in front of your wheel, powerful light down the trail (piercing the darkness up to 200 ft in front of you) and plenty of ‘spill’ light for enhanced peripheral vision. To top it all off, Seca is less expensive than most HID systems.

dale said...

To me, the beam pattern is crucial.

Looking forward to when my ARC needs replacing. I also suspect they will update the Vega commuter LED too.