Thursday, March 20

slickrock today

Sorry, no pics from me. I do have a razberry on the elbow and butt for not making one of the hills and sliding down.

I was a little worried about today since the slickrock we hit off the sovereign trail beat me up pretty well yesterday.

The trails have been very challenging to say the least. Bodies and bikes are taking a beating and some things are breaking, fortunately, no bones.

Time to do some touristy things like shopping for soveniers for the family. Ryan, Josh, and Aaron are hardcore and out on klondike bluffs while I try to recover for tomorrow - I think Rabbit Valley back near Fruita.

later, dale

1 comment:

Biker Bob said...

just take care of yourself and rest up a day. Vacation isn't fun if your in total pain the whole time. I'm impressed that you even tried riding that kind of terrain on a fixie.

What kinds of things are breaking?