Thursday, March 27

Lunch Loop area outside Grand Junction

Sunday March 16 we rode Tabeguache, Eagle's Wing/Tail, Pete-E-Kes, & Holy Cross. Went too far downhill on Holy Cross and ended up in a neighborhood as it started to rain.... whoops. Google Earth DL or Map My Ride. Eagle's wing is one of my favorite rides, and now Holy Cross is as well. Awesome trails. "world class technical singletrack"

Last Friday's EPIC Rabbit Valley ride is at Includes the phenomenal Western Rim singletrack.


dale said...

rabbit valley had 5k' climbing in 32 miles? After 6 straight days of riding, ending it with that, no wonder I was tired!

dale said...

I also learned that a mile of Fruita trail is harder and takes longer than a mile of regional trail. Probably a combination of elevation; first time trail user; rocks, rocks, and more rocks; scenery; and taking time to ride, not race, take pics and talk.

Taking 5.5 hrs to ride 6 laps of Tranquility seems lame. Seems the miles out west were twice as long or twice as slow.

RF said...

Yeah we ended it with a bang for sure. Not the most exciting 33 miles but we all got our moneys worth. Makes it easier to go back to nebraska when you're confident you've left your legs in Colorado. :-)

It is definitely harder to maintain speed on that terrain: steep climbs, and rocks rocks rocks! Lots of momentum killers!