Thursday, February 28

time to renew usac license

For those who are racing psycowpath or nebraska road races, it's time to consider renewing your annual USAC license. For the Junior and Beginner categories in psycowpath, my understanding is your license fee will be comped this year, i.e. psycowpath and the host club are covering the license costs, so you don't need to buy a license for 08 psycowpath races. Sport will need an annual or one day usac license; Expert will need an annual usac license.

For those racing on Bike Masters, please choose Bike Masters Cycling as the club and Bike Masters Racing as the team in the renewal process.

For those on Kaos, maybe someone in the know can comment on your club and team selection.


UnderDaHill said...

Do I need to cat up, even if I decide to race SS?

dale said...

You should cat up since you could still race psycowpath ss even if it is sport cat only, and you would race expert ss if that developes.

UnderDaHill said...

Makes sense...thanks

RF said...

yes Bob your license can say "expert" and you may still race singlespeed. good question. however, if you raced in a "geared" class it would have to be expert, which is certainly appropriate to your fitness & ability

UnderDaHill said...

Fitness... not sure I've improved over the winter slump

Ability... I have not ridden single-track in 4 months. I'd probably endo try to go over a garden hose.

I'll definitely cat up, JUST IN CASE I decide to ride expert. But I wouldn't mind taking one more year to improve on my technical skills on the trails.

See ya tomorrow.

UnderDaHill said...

There... that's done. I bumped up to Expert and renewed my license. Wee!