Tuesday, February 26

Metro Singletrack Tour

What? Ride to and on all of the metro singletrack in a day.

Where? Start at Tranquility -> Swanson -> Jewell -> Manawa -> Wabash Trace -> Lewis & Clark -> Tranquility via metro trails and streets. That would be around a century with about half singletrack.

When? Saturday, March 29. This is the day before the Bike Masters 5th Annual Circumnavigation of Omaha Century.

Other options? Ride to local singletrack and back, or to two singletracks and back, etc.

This is something I thought about doing last year but didn't. Hopefully, the weather and body will be up to the challenge.


dale said...

This requires having good trail conditions, let alone decent weather the day of.

I'm considering the Dirty Kanza 200 so completing a double century over one weekend would be a good benchmark.

UnderDaHill said...

I'm otherwise commited on Sunday, which keeps me from getting to do that century ride. So, as long as my schedule is clear that Saturday and the trails are in good shape, I think this sounds like a great idea.

Anyone else showing any interest?

RF said...

I'm considering doing the double. Could be a sweet weekend. who's in?

UnderDaHill said...

If I can find a sitter for the kids, I'll do the saturday ride.