Sunday, January 27

yummy weekend

Hey friends, hope you made it out this past weekend-- it was downright balmy!
Dale, Rox & I did a 2+ hour gravel/paved loop northwest of town.  Saturday we went out for 3+ hours on roadbikes.  The keystone was wet but rideable.  Also got some good hill work in downtown Omaha then through Bellevue Boulevard.  Gosh I missed my road bike.  I actually went out with knickers, and a short sleeve jersey and arm warmers.  Here's lookin to spring!


dale said...

My legs cramped up on the cool down around sbl after our gravel on Sat. and I had to stop and stretch on the dam. Nice ride even so!

Paul and I rode w papio and around zorinski sunday afternoon. puddles, ice, and saying hi to people. Another nice ride!

Stratomatic said...

The puddles turned into small ponds on the trip back. My left shoe is almost dry now. Great ride Dale. Thanks for showing me around zorinski! -Paul

1by9 said...

As Ryan so often says... "YEAH BABY"! Great job everyone turnin' tires.

Great enchiladas Paul, thanks!