Tuesday, January 15

Weight training?

Dale told me I should do some weight training to get ready for racing next year. Does this count?

On a related note. I've been leaving my car at work to force myself to bike into work each day (only form of transportation and all). I'm hoping this will keep me biking enough to train for this summer. It seems to work pretty well, but I'm a bit worried about leaving my car in our parking lot for a week at a time. I drive to work in bike clothes on Monday (with work clothes for the week in a backpack), leave the car there all week, and drive home on Friday night (with dirty clothes in a backpack). Got 3 round trips in (6 rides of 13 miles each) last week, and I'm shooting for 4 round trips this week.


POLOSCAB said...

Oh No, a space alien has your kids.
They will bring em right back. There will be a lot of , are we there yet and I got to pee on the way to Mars.

UnderDaHill said...

hehe... nice.

I do look a bit like an alien, don't I?

dale said...

I first thought you were working out with warm clothing to loose enough weight to wrestle in a lower weight class.

Doing squats with those two armfuls is a whole body workout!

Nice to have a car at work incase of emergency or weather too severe. With 10 mins or less to work, I can ride in most everything. But riding around an hour, headwind and windchill cannot be taken lightly.

Ride wisely!