Friday, January 4

Gravel to Ft Calhoun Sat

Even shorter notice! Looks like a few of us will be riding mtb's to Ft Calhoun, stop for some fuel, and return!!! I will ride a comfortable pace expecting at least an hour to get there. Some hills to get us off the saddles. A few may form a faster group.

We will leave the shop at noon.


RF said...

that was a good ride. by my watch, I got 4+ hours of pedal time before I got back to my front door. to find myself locked out. that was a bummer.

rode pavement all the way home from ft calhoun, via boyer chute then fontenelle blvd in no O! The wind was stronger than advertised. It was loud, and I was alone. I missed my ipod desperately.

iglad we had a group though on the way out, it was fun riding with everyone, and now is the time of year to pile on the miles to be ready to push ourselves come spring!

1by9 said...

Yeah, that was fun. Watching Dale coast downhill with his feet out of the pedals was the best part. I flatted on the way back a couple miles from Bennington and then ruined my spare tube. Mary was very pleased to have the opportunity to come out and get me for a lift home.

I now have 2 extra tubes in my bike bag.

dale said...

Fun ride with you all, and I learned a lot: 1) Riding two miles to work and around SBL and Manawa occassionally didn't keep me in very good shape. 2) I need a bigger gear for gravel. 3) My inner-upper quads are sore. 4) Getting a ride home from Ft Calhoun felt good. Thanks Crystal!

Locked out, flat tire, no legs. Was Aaron the only one to complete the ride without incident?

Tim Wieland said...

Definitely a fun time with you all ... I learned something as well. Eating chicken wings, drinking beer, and playing PS3 for several months does not sufficiently prepare one for a SS gravel grinder to Ft. Calhoun and back, hence the bailout and ride home.

Still a good time with good friends, and looking forward to 'better' fitness in the coming months!

dale said...

I went out for gravel on Sunday too. Same route but another mile north till 132nd deadends. Went west to the paved 138th and headed south when I ran into Josh W.

Rode with him back to 132nd. Climbed state st to 144th. Actually road the shoulder to the hill since a bunch of traffic showed up both ways, but clear and free for the climb.

Some stretching after eating and showering. Don't feel quite as sore as I did after Saturday's ride.

UnderDaHill said...

Good job guys. Way to start getting in some base.

dale said...

Hey Bob, how has the commuting been going this winter?

Does your commuter have rim or disk brakes?