Wednesday, January 2

bringing the Devinci back to life

This hardtail was my mainstay race mtb for 3 years. It saw two runs
at the Firecracker 50, once with v-brakes (never again) and the second
time with hydro disc brakes (much better). It saw less than 10 hours
of use this year as I obsessively rode my Anthem for everything. Its
parts have slowly been transferred to other bikes (and occassionally
other riders). Its coming back to life now as a lightweight, v-brake
equipped bike, perfect for gravel road rides or winter pavement rides.

Raiding my parts bin was like an epic trip down a memory lane, a
literal trail of upgrade-itis. To build the frame, I found an LX
octalink crankset, all the brake and shift housing I needed, 3 XT rear
derailluers, 2 front ders, 2 27.2 seatposts, a carbon flatbar, avid
SD-7 v-brakes and levers, and sram rocket thumbies (designed for use
with 2:1 shimano ders) Throw on the 1575g White Industries wheels and
is ready to rock.

The susp fork is shot though, and is stuck about 20mm down in its
travel. Watch carefully though, its begging for mech disc calipers, a
rigid front fork and a front 29er wheel to become a rigid 69er.
Tasty! I should go through my parts bin more often!


RF said...

so if anyone has a cheap front 29er wheel they want to get rid of, let me know.

UnderDaHill said...

Cool... now I can ride next to you and just pretend my bike is just a retro project bike.

1by9 said...

That bike is supposed to be in my garage!

dale said...

If you're going rigid fork, continue the retro direction and make it ss! Start out around a 42x20 and go from there.